Pablo Aqueveque

Industry 4.0 and its Impact on Health

Electronic Engineer – Universidad de Concepción
Doctor of Science – Universidad de Concepción
Postoct Electronic Implants- University College London, UK

Pablo Aqueveque is a full Professor from Electrical Engineering Department at Universidad de Concepción, Chile. Have been working as a researcher in electronic systems for biomedical applications and industrial application at Universidad de Concepción. Since 2019 is the Executive Director of Center for Industry 4.0 (c4i.udec.cl).

He has more than 18 years of experience in industry consultancy related to monitoring systems, energy efficiency, and technological development for companies working in mining, pulp and paper, health, and services industries. 

His expertise is in design and evaluation of electronic circuits for intelligent systems. He has led more than 30 research projects and innovation projects related to electronic industry.
In the last year, he was the leader of the team from Universidad de Concepcion who developed the first mechanical ventilator approved to use in persons in Chile by the committee «Un Respiro para Chile». This ventilator was developed in collaboration with shipyards of the Chilean Navy – ASMAR.