Yosi Shacham-DIamand


Internet of Things for data-driven precision agriculture in small farms 

We present a novel approach for system monitoring of smallholder farms using a wholistic data driven approach; from the farm to the cloud at very low cost. We will describe the wholistic approach where data is collected using remote sensing, local sensing and inputs from the farmers. First, we will present the problem, the data variables that are needed to monitored, and the overall environment for the sensor networks in various agricultural environments: in the field, orchards, greenhouses etc. We will focus on the internet of things part; describing the sensing problems, currently available solutions and possible future methods. Physical, chemical and biological sensors will be presented and reviewed, along with their interface to the network. Next, we will describe the sensor networks, current standards, circuit and systems: performance, economical aspects, highlights and problems for the data driven approach for precision agriculture in small farms. Finally, we will present the data problems: storage, security and analytics as being collected in a one of our ”Digital villages” in India.

Dr. Yosi Shacham–Diamand, Prof. EE  
Prof. Yosi Shacham-Diamand, The Bernard L. Schwartz chair for nano scale information technologies, Department of Electrical Engineering – Physical electronics and the department of Material science and technology, Faculty of engineering, Tel Aviv University. D.Sc. EE 1983, M.Sc. EE 1980, and B.Sc. EE (Summa-cum Laude) 1978, all in the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.  Currently he is the head of the international electrical engineering school at Tel Aviv University. He is also an endowed chair professor at the Thapar institute for engineering and technology, Patiala, India and the director of the TAU/TIET Food Security center of excellence.  
His research is in the field of Micro and Nano electronics science and technology; specifically, electroless plating of metals and alloys, interconnect technology for ULSI circuits and flexible electronics, and electrochemical bio sensors the food, medical and agro applications.