Victor Grimblatt


Improving the productivity of the soil on vegetables – an IoT approach

Several parameters influence the crop growth. Among those parameters we have soil moisture, soil temperature, humidity, environmental temperature, weather, soil Ph, soil salinity, etc. This tutorial will cover how those parameters influence crop growth, how they can be measured using sensor and the algorithms that can be used to improve the productivity of the soil in vegetables.

Victor Grimblatt has an engineering diploma in microelectronics from Institut Nationale Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG – France) and an electronic engineering diploma from Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (Chile).  He is doing his PhD on IoT for Smart Agriculture at IMS lab, University of Bordeaux. He is currently R&D Group Director and General Manager of Synopsys Chile. He has expertise and knowledge in business and technology and understands very well the trends of the electronic industry; therefore, he is often consulted for new technological business development. 
He has published several papers in IoT, EDA and embedded systems development, and since 2007 he has been invited to several Latin American Conferences (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay) to talk about Circuit Design, EDA, IoT, and Embedded Systems. Since 2012 he is chair of the IEEE Chilean chapter of the CASS. He is also the President of the Chilean Electronic and Electrical Industry Association (AIE). He has been part of several conferences TCP (ISCAS, ICECS, LASCAS) and is chairing the EDA and Circuit design Sub-Committee for ICECS. He is also is Program Co-Chair of FoodCAS. Since 2018 he is Chair of LASCAS Steering Committee.