Carolina Ríos Phillips


Chilean Dairy Industry

The Chilean dairy industry has more than 6,000 commercial producers, especially concentrated in the Sothern regions of the country. Milk production reaches approximately 2,650 million liters and generates over 130 thousand tons of cheese and as many tons of powdered milk and other derivatives. While there is a promising perspective for the dairy industry, its development faces huge challenges. Agriculture, both in Chile and globally, and dairy in particular, must increase its productivity to meet the growing demands, while being more efficient in the use of natural resources, adapting to new climate patterns and increasing its contribution to the environment and society. As part of this challenge, it is increasingly evident that sustainability is a key aspect of the competitiveness of the agri-food sector.

Carolina Ríos Phillips is a veterinarian with a degree from the University of Chile, a master’s degree in veterinary-medical sciences with a major in animal health.  Until 2011, she was part of the faculty of the School of Veterinary Medicine of Universidad Santo Tomas in Santiago. She has participated in research projects in various fields of animal diagnosis, mostly ruminants, in collaboration with national
and foreign universities, which have been translated into numerous scientific publications and presentations at international conferences. She is currently the Academic Director of Universidad Santo Tomás, campus Los Angeles.