Ronald Valenzuela

Lecturers Ronald Valenzuela Chile Low Power SoC design flow and methodologies suitable for agribusiness applications  «The requirements for low power, connectivity and performance for devices enabling smart agriculture, yield the need for cost driven platform development that can address these demands. In this talk, we will review an industry established design flow that can be used to meet such […]

Marios Sophocleous

Lecturers Marios Sophocleous Cyprus Soil Quality Monitoring technologies: Current State-of-the-art & Future As the world population increases, food demands continue with it. This puts the challenge to feed the world in a continuously rising priority position, which requires to be timely and properly addressed. Precision agriculture (PA) a concept being around for decades with the […]

Yosi Shacham-Diamand

Lecturers Yosi Shacham-DIamand Israel Internet of Things for data-driven precision agriculture in small farms  We present a novel approach for system monitoring of smallholder farms using a wholistic data driven approach; from the farm to the cloud at very low cost. We will describe the wholistic approach where data is collected using remote sensing, local […]

Alexis Ortiz

Lecturers Alexis Ortíz Chile Vegetables industry A broad variety of vegetables are grown in Chile, both outdoors and in greenhouses, with a total area under cultivation of approximately 77,000 hectares each year. Vegetables are produced for fresh consumption as well as for processing by the agro-industry (frozen, dried and tinned foods, and juices), both for […]

Carlos Muñoz

Lecturers Carlos Muñoz Chile IMU in behavior detection of cattle In the last years has been an increasing interest in developing tools to introduce concepts as smart-farming in agro-business. In this context, one problem revisited, with new technological tools, is the animal behavior analysis, because it has a profound impact on the core costs of dairy […]

Matias Miguez

Lecturers Matias Miguez Uruguay IoT in the Agribusiness: technology trends and application examples II New technologies like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or the Internet of Things (IoT) communication protocols and their hardware embodiments, are rapidly changing production systems within the agribusiness from cattle, pigs, poultry industries, to intensive agriculture, timber industry, or fish farms and […]

Victor Grimblatt

Lecturers Victor Grimblatt Chile Improving the productivity of the soil on vegetables – an IoT approach Several parameters influence the crop growth. Among those parameters we have soil moisture, soil temperature, humidity, environmental temperature, weather, soil Ph, soil salinity, etc. This tutorial will cover how those parameters influence crop growth, how they can be measured using sensor and the […]

Guillaume Ferre

Lecturers Guillaume Ferré France Improved IoT capabilities for Agriculture applications (technique 1) This talk will propose 2 new techniques to improve IoT for agriculture, first about its communication range on wide and hardly covered areas and then about its power supply that is critical on remote fields. About the coverage, an object must be within […]

Danilo demarchi

Lecturers Danilo Demarchi Italy Collaborators Paolo Motto Ros Italy Umberto Garlando Italy Let the plants do the talking: listen to them and let them tell you how they feel Why and how to interface plants with electronic smart systems for obtaining their health status and innovative methodologies for communicating the information. Tutorial about the setup […]

Edmundo Gutierrez

Lecturers Dr. Edmundo Gutierrez Mexico Semiconductor sensors for biomedical and agricultural applications Several types of sensors fabricated at the microelectronics laboratory of the Mexico National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics, and Electronics, are introduced and assembled for building systems for biomedical and agricultural applications. The design, fabrication, and characterization of these sensors are introduced, and a […]